The Power of a Photographer

I saw this video from Canon Australia and was really captivated on the idea of 6 photographers to photograph 1 person — the twist being, he was introduced as a different person to each of the photographers. It is quite outstanding to see how a simple photograph can define someone. Being a photographer, we have the power to create or manipulate, if you will, a character or an archetype of our subjects through our photographs.

Here are the different Portrait “interpretations” of each photographer:
* Note: These are NOT my photographs, these are screen grabs from Canon’s Youtube video

Him as a self-made Millionaire

Him as a Life Saver

Him as an Ex-Inmate

Him as a commercial Fisherman

Him as a Psychic

As a former Alcoholic

Here is the rest of Canon’s Youtube video, watch it, it’s a good one:

Next time when we photograph our subjects, let’s keep in mind the power that we have. It’s not just a portrait; it’s their life story.


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