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365 Project : Day 176

Ok, a lot of you probably thought I gave up on my 365 Project, well, I didn’t.  It’s been really busy at work and the weather is becoming more and more unbearable.  Anyway, I hope I’ll be able to catch up.  This was taken inside the Madinat Jumeirah Souq. Gear: Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 f2.8 Settings: f2.8 | 1/15 | ISO 2500 Post process: Merged 3 exposures in Photoshop Tonemapped in Photomatix Adjusted curves to get the tones I […]

365 Project : Day 162

Got this off the highway of Ras Al Khaimah while on the way back to Dubai.  I first notice the great sky and I saw this pair of tracks and decided to include both of them on my frame 🙂 Gear: Canon 7D + Sigma 10-20mm Settings: f9.0 | 1/10 | ISO 100 Post process: 3 exposures blended using DRI Dodging and burning Adjusted vibrance and saturation Have a nice day to everyone! /Mike

365 Project : Day 155

Sunsets are really amazing, it gives so much color and depth to any photograph.  Using my trusty LX3 on this one 🙂 Gear: Lumix LX3 Settings: f2.8 | 1/400 | ISO 100 Post process: Dodging and burning Adjusted tones using curves Adjusted vibrance and saturation TGI Friday! /Mike

365 Project : Day 134

Taken from Ras Al Khaimah, this looks to be an old butcher house.  The place is quite smelly so I had to shoot as fast as I can without breathing…  the joy of photography 🙂 Gear:  Canon 7D + Sigma 10-20mm Settings: f9.0 | 1/15 | ISO 200 Post process: Blended 2 exposures using DRI technique Dodging and burning Adjusted hue and saturation Added vignette Have a nice weekend 🙂 /Mike

365 Project : Day 131

This is how the Madinat Jumeirah Souk looks like at night.   Lots of people hanging out, walking around and just relaxing.  Didn’t have any tripod so I have to hand hold the camera  with a high ISO, but the big aperture of the Tokina (f2.8) really helps and even at f2.8, this lens is sharp 🙂 Gear:  Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 f2.8 Settings: f2.8 | 0.5 | ISO 1,000 Post processing: Combined 3 exposures manually using digital blending (DRI) […]

365 Project : Day 130

The Burj Al Arab (“Tower of the Arabs”, also known as “Arab Sail”).  The construction of Burj Al Arab began in 1994. It was built to resemble the sail of a dhow, a type of Arabian vessel.  The Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island 280 m (920 ft) out from Jumeirah  beach, and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. Gear:  Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 f2.8 Settings: f8.0 | 1/40 | ISO 100 Post […]

365 Project : Day 119

This building needs no introduction, The Burj Khalifa, formerly known as Burj Dubai.   I know, I already have a shot like this, but this one has a different backdrop 🙂  This one had a sunset view 😀 Anyway, to those who doesn’t know, Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building on Earth, if you want to know the specifics, then google is your friend. Gear:  Canon 7D + Sigma 10-20 Settings: f9.0 | 1/160 | ISO 100 Post processing: Applied […]

365 Project : Day 101

This was taken at Fujairah, Al Aqa beach.  This is a little further away from the beach resorts on that area.  It’s really a great place to shoot, the only problem I have with this place is the distance to Dubai, it takes around 2.5 hours to drive. Gear:  Canon 7D + Sigma 10-20mm + ND8 Filter Settings: f8.0 | 2.5 secs | ISO 100 Post processing: Adjusted curves to get details from the sky Applied sharpening since its very […]

365 Project : Day 093

What more can I say, I just love this location.  It’s just full of stories and full of scenery that captures my imagination.   It’s hard to explain… Gear: Canon 7D + Sigma 10-20mm Settings: f9.0 | 1/80 | ISO 100 Post processing: Enhanced the sky to get more cloud textures Dodging and burning Adjusted color tones using curves Applied some sharpening and noise reduction Cheers! /Mike

365 Project : Day 087

Again, taken from Ras Al Khaimah.  I wish I knew what this structure is, I really have no idea.  All I know is that looking at it makes you think and forces you to create your own story behind it. Gear:  Canon 7D + Sigma 10-20mm Settings:  f8.0 | 1/40 | ISO 100 Post processing: Enhanced the sky to give a more dramatic feel Dodging and burning Applied selective color balance Adjusted contrast using blending modes Happy shooting! /Mike