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365 Project : Day 043

Taken almost 15 minutes before day 44 ! wheew! Today, my desktop PC’s water cooling failed on me… Suddenly the water pump isn’t pumping water to my CPU.  I have to drain and clean all the connectors… and hit the water pump to make it work.. definitely not cool!!!  Anyways, it came into its senses and suddenly starts working. Another out of this world idea, but sometimes, you have to give it a try, that’s what the 365 Project is […]

365 Project : Day 028

So there I was, again being lazy… Looking around the house for something that might be interesting to shoot, then 9:30pm comes, and I still got nothing.  I have no choice but to force myself to go down and find something  to shoot outside.  I looked up in the sky and I saw clouds! Now I know that a long exposure shot would be really cool! I just have to find an interesting subject, it only took a few steps […]

365 Project : Day 027

I took this on my way home.  I figured that the clouds were there! I mean, here in Dubai we don’t get clouds, but today… They are everywhere! Not really very technical photo as you can see…  Anyways, here’s how I took it: Gear: Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 Settings: f9.0 | 1/40 | ISO100 Post processing: Adjusted contrast and vibrance Dodging and burning Sharpened and some noise reduction Take care y’all! /Mike

365 Project : Day 026

I literally have no photo today, I was really feeling tired after office work and wanted to stay in bed.  It was around 10pm that I decided to get my arse off and shoot something.  And here we are, this is right in front of our building’s parking.  As you can see the road is still under construction, it’s a new building.  And behold! I found my subject 🙂 Gear: Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 + manfrotto tripod Settings: f8.0 […]

365 Project : Day 025

I took this around 7:00am, it has been foggy lately here in Dubai.  I have to hurry taking the shot before the sun gets too bright, so I didn’t have the chance to change my lens to a wider one, at that time it had the Canon EF 100mm f2.8 macro lens on, which made a nice tighter crop.  It a bit hazy but I like the colors of the sky. How I took this shot: Gear: Canon 7D + […]

365 Project : Day 020

This is the Deira City Center Metro Station.  I took this right after I purchased my new lens 🙂  Tokina 11-16 f2.8.  This is the first photo from this lens (apart from my testing shots from the store). I haven’t been inside the Dubai Metro, I’m planning to go soon though.  It is only a few months old… Anyway, here is how I took this shot: Gear: Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 f2.8 Settings: f2.8 | 1/30 + 1/20 -1EV  […]

365 Project : Day 018

This is one of the most useful things in my workflow.  It was a gift from my birthday last year… oh man, that’s almost a year now… Grrr! Anyway, moving on… Here is how I took it: Gear: Canon 7D + 50mm 1.8 + 430exii + 580exii Settings: f7.1 | 1/160 | ISO 250 Strobist info: 580exii + umbrella on the left @24mm, 1/32 power 430exii + red gel @105, 1/64 power Triggered by built in Flash Transmitter of Canon […]

365 Project : Day 016

This is Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on Earth.  Together with the world’s tallest dancing fountain. I decided to go back there and shoot the Burj at night since I’m getting a lot of hits from the day version, which can be found here. I, like many others, was surprised when it was named Burj Khalifa since everyone is already used to calling it Burj Dubai.  Anyway, it’s their building so they can name it whatever they want to.   I […]

365 Project : Day 011

I did an hour and a half presentation today at Millennium Hotel for very selected key customers.  I’m happy it turned out well 🙂  This was the terrace of the room where I did the presentation, located at the 12th floor.  Here you can see the Barsha Interchange and the Dubai Metro Station. If you look behind the towers you can see some parts of the The Palm and the Atlantis hotel.   Below is one of the oldest residence […]

365 Project : Day 008

This has been my best friend lately… My daily companion for my 365 Project!  My Lumix LX3 together with its friends, Sandisk Ultra II 8GB SD Card and Gorillapod 🙂 I decided to do some product shoot today and since I have been shooting lately with my point and shoot camera for my 365 Project, I decided to give it some sort of a tribute.  Anyway, some “strobist” practice won’t be bad!  I would love to do more product shoots […]