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Have you been asked a question many times and you gave a different answer all the time?  As soon as my alarm clock (which is also my phone btw) buzzes with that annoying tone, the first thing I do is check my messages.  Instagram, Facebook, E-mail, whatsapp and so on.  Out of all the messages I get, I get this question a lot:  “What is a good everyday camera you can recommend which is better than my phone?” or something along those lines.  And I always give a different answer, unknowingly.  Depends on my mood really.

Most of them are not photographers, they just want to take better photos for social media or for their blogs/vlogs.  Since “vlogging” is kind of the thing right now, because there’s lots of youtubers buying supercars, gives you the impression that it might not be a bad full time job right?  But I digress.   Let’s get back to that question again:  “What is a good everyday camera you can recommend which is better than my phone?”

Well, I might have found one.

Sony RX100 V Michael R. Cruz Dubai photographer

Enter the Sony RX100 V.  This is the fifth revision of this model and let me tell you, this is a tiny powerhouse of a camera.  I’m reading the technical specs and dang! This camera is loaded.  This has features that even a professional photographer (and videographer) will drool over.

Feature highlights:

  • 20 megapixels
  • 1” BSI-CMOS sensor
  • 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 optical zoom lens
  • 315 AF points
  • 4K video which is oversampled from 5K footage
  • 24fps burst shooting in JPEG+RAW
  • Flipping and tilting LCD
  • Built in flash
  • Built in Electronic View Finder (EVF), XGA OLED

For complete technical specifications click here:  https://www.sony-mea.com/en/electronics/cyber-shot-compact-cameras/dsc-rx100m5?cpint=HOMEPAGE_TOPBANNER_DSC1016_3630


Let’s go with some FAQs:

Q: Is the image quality much better than the latest iPhone/Android camera?

Yes. Without a doubt.  The RX100 V is 3x bigger than the sensor of your iPhone 7, meaning cleaner images in low light and you also get shallower depth of field.  The dynamic range is also quite good with the RX100 V and since you can shoot in RAW, you can do a proper post processing with the files.  You can adjust your white balance and other parameters just like any DSLR or high-end mirrorless cameras.  It also comes with 24-70mm lens meaning you can zoom in and out your subject and this is optical zoom not a digital zoom on most of the smartphones.

Q: How about video?

Did I mention this camera is a powerhouse? This is where this little camera shines.  It has features you can only find in professional high-end video cameras like S-Log2 that captures full dynamic range.  It also features a proper 4K video, Sony mentioned that the 4K video is oversampled from a 5K capture, which makes the videos really sharp and very detailed. Rolling shutter is also very minimal, even on 4K.

In other words, the video performance on the RX100 V is more than capable than cameras more expensive and higher-end than this.  Sony is really killing it with their video capabilities on most of their new cameras.  The RX100 V is not an exemption.

If you don’t understand what I mentioned above, simply put, the video capabilities of the RX100 V are really good, it can rival cameras more than twice its price.

Q: Can you take a selfie?

Yes.  The LCD flips right out on top of the camera, meaning your selfies are now 20mp.  Wow.  Next question.

Q: Is this camera pocketable?

Unlike other cameras on the same price range, this is actually a true “pocketable” camera, unless you like wearing really tight pants.  OK, kidding aside, this thing is small enough to fit with most shirt’s pocket or even a small purse. What?!  Of course I don’t own a purse but a friend of mind does and yep, it fits right in it.  Doubt cleared.

The Sony RX100 V weighs only 300 grams in comparison with the iPhone 6 plus with Apple silicone case that weighs 205 grams.  Not that far apart when it comes to weight.

Q: How’s the battery life?

Specifications mentions 220 shots, but I used it up to 300 and it’s still OK.  But, the best part is, you can connect the RX100 V to any battery or power bank to charge it.  So nothing to worry about.



I’m quite surprised about the RX100 V, I mean I know it’s a good camera, let’s be honest, with its price tag it better be.  But even with that in mind, I still didn’t imagine this camera to be that good.  Especially at this size.

I am amazed with the quality of the RAW files of the camera.  The dynamic range is quite good; it might be even good enough to be used for a professional shoot.  For areas that might be difficult to mount a big camera, this might be a really good option since you can clamp this thing with anything without worrying.  With its already very small design, Sony manages to include a pop-up flash and most importantly, an excellent Electronic View Finder (EVF) which is really useful when shooting in bright sunlight.

For an average user, who needs a camera for their next vacation or for an event, I think this might be a good option. You don’t need to worry about carrying a camera bag and deciding how many lenses to bring or how many batteries to pack.  You can use the same battery pack or power bank for your phone to charge this camera.  You should be able to capture good photos and videos of your vacation trip and this camera wouldn’t weigh you down.

For those who are doing or planning on doing blogs, vlogs or even YouTube, I think this camera is designed for you.  I would highly recommend you going to the store nearby and test this camera out, might be a perfect fit.

If you are thinking of gifting yourself these holidays, this might be something worth considering.


Here are some sample photos taken with RX100 V

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