Shooting a red Aston Martin DBS in Dubai

Michael R. Cruz Dubai Photographer

I met the owner through a Nikon School car photography workshop I conducted here in Dubai.  He showed me some pictures of his car and immediately told him, let’s do a photo shoot with your car since I don’t have an Aston Martin DBS in my portfolio.  What struck me is that the car is in red! Taking photos of red cars is always challenging because every camera interprets red differently so, color correction is always tricky.

So we met up and shared some stories about cars and cameras.  It was a fun shoot and I enjoyed the company of the owner and his friends. So, for this shoot, I decided to use my Fujifilm X-T2, since getting this camera, I haven’t used it for car shoots.  Review for the X-T2 will be posted soon!

On to the shoot, so I used the X-T2 with the 10-24mm lens and some LEDs.  I did a light painting technique for this shoot.  Took around 10 shots to light the whole car 🙂


Michael R. Cruz Dubai Photographer

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