Project 365 : Day 007

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Today is just busy.  Got too much going on at work.  I have to prepare for a presentation that is due on Monday and I have zero.

Anyway, that’s no excuse not to take a photo.  This is a flyover near work.  I like the leading lines on this image 🙂

So that is 1 week done!  It’s true, time really flies.

How I took this shot:

Gear: Canon 7D + Sigma 10-20 + Tripod

Settings: f/9 | 10 secs.

Post processing:

  • Adjusted contrast and vibrance in Photoshop CS4
  • Did a little bit of sharpening
  • Add a mild vignette

The best news… it’s weekend!


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4 Responses

  1. nice work kabayan!

    i wonder if you can post the workflow of sharpening and noise reduction in CS4..

    im following project 365..


    • Salamat Kent!

      To be honest, I never have a fix workflow, because different image needs different treatment. However, I use Unsharp mask or High Pass filter for sharpening. Sometimes, adjusting curves or contrast will make your picture already sharp.

      For noise reduction, sometimes I manually do it with surface blur and masking. I also use noise reduction software plug in like noise ninja and neat image.

      Hope that helps!


  2. oh.. so noise ninja.. i have noise ninja but not the plug-in for CS4.. not using that much…

    you’ve moved me from buying g10 to LX3.. arrgghh! hahaha

    isang taon to,kasama mo idol…


    • Salamat 🙂

      G10 is a very solid camera, I went to LX3 because of the lens f2.0 and 24mm (wide) which suits my shooting style. And, masyadong malaki ang G10, I need something that fits in my pocket easily… And honestly I never regret getting the LX3 🙂

      Salamat sa suporta 🙂


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