Nature with Canon 7D

Fujairah Beach

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For those who have read my Canon EOS 7D review (found here), I haven’t tried the Canon 7D on nature shots yet, so last Saturday I did.

Me and my friends Jason and Nino went to Fujairah, its around 2 hrs drive from Dubai.  I came there to test 2 things, first, my new 7D and second the Fader ND filter.  I’ll talk about Fader ND on my future blog post, I had some issues with it.

I got splashed three times and the camera got a little wet in the process.  I was more worried about my sigma lens since it doesn’t have any weather protection unlike the 7D.  Anyway after all that splashes, both of were  fine.

How I took this shot:

f11.0 @ 10 seconds


Canon EOS 7D
Sigma 10-20mm
Fader ND (ND2 to ND400 Variable ND Filter)
Manfrotto 055XProB
Manfrotto 468MGRC2 Ballhead

Post processing:

  • Took the JPEG file and open it as RAW in ACR 5.5
  • Adjusted contrast, a touch of vibrance and clarity
  • Adjusted curves and Saturation in Photoshop CS4 and added my watermarks

Not so much of ‘pp’ compared to my HDR photos.

Thank you for dropping by…


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2 Responses

  1. Hello Mike, I have to say that I am very amazing with your photography, skill level and how unique the shots are. If you have a second to tell me what software do you use to enhance the look of your photos.

    I have just purchased 7D and learning how to use it, but learning how to enhance the photos is just another challenge on it’s own.

    Thank you

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