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I’m back from a short 2 weeks vacation from the Philippines.

During my stay, it was hard to find time to shoot.  There’s just tons of things to do back home, not to mention that I was paranoid about the security issues of walking on the streets with a DSLR camera by myself.  Well, maybe it’s just all in my head but, better to be safe than sorry.  I mean, we all know Christmas season is just around the corner and people need money so, you know… anyway, you get my point.

I had an opportunity for a photo walk, in a very interesting and history rich place called, Intramuros; above are the pictures of my shooting buddies.  The one on top is Joseph (calls him Kuya Joseph), we’ve been neighbors for years before and we consider him as family.  Below is a new found friend Joel,  they are both shooters.  Joseph uses a Nikon D3 (yeah! I know!) and Joel uses vintage cameras which I have no idea which ones (forgive me, my first camera was a Canon 450D, so, no ideas about film hehe).

How I took it:

This is probably the first time I used my UWA lens (Sigma 10-20) to shoot portraits.  Since, primarily I’m there to shoot landscapes.

Both were shot at f8.0 1/20 (above)  1/50 (below)  both at ISO100, hand held |  AEB +2,0,-2


Canon 7D + Sigma 10-20mm


  • Photomatix + Photoshop CS4

I’ll be posting my landscape shots later…  Still fine tuning my newly installed OS (Windows 7 64-bit)



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4 Responses

  1. no offense taken. B>

    i lugged around an Olympus 35 SPn & a Yashica A TLR during our photo walkabout. both film cameras.

    nice meeting you, too. it’s always nice to meet people who has the same love for photography.

    great photos, btw. B>

  2. mike, hanep sa portraits na hdr. truly, you’re a master. oist! padala mo sa akin ang high resolution nitong mga portraits ko. ipapa-print ko talaga ang mga ito. sana lang naisama ko family ko sa photowalk or nakalakad pa tayo na kasama sila para nakuhanan mo kami ng ganitong shot for family portrait….hehehe

    • Salamat!! Na-isend ko na sa e-mail mo yung link ng full res files…

      Dibale, malay mo sa Australia na ang next photoshoot natin 🙂 hehe dun ko na lang kayo kukunan!

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