Hatta Desert Chair – HDR

Desert Chair in Hatta

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Sometimes you go out and you find something weird.  Weird but good…  as a ‘photographic subject’ kind of way.  You get the point.

So there we are, going back to Hatta, walking around and scouring  for a good spot for this good sky (these clouds that you see is a rarity in UAE).  There is just not enough clouds in this country.

How I took it:

Settings: F8 | Av mode | +2, 0, -2 AEB (bracketed shots)

Canon XSi (450D) + Sigma 10-20mm
Post processing:

  • Aligned the pictures using Photoshop CS4
  • Load them up in Photomatix & adjust the settings
  • Back to photoshop for some adjustments, resizing and watermarks

Thanks for your time.

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