Fujinon XF 1.4X TC WR Teleconverter Review

Fujifilm XF 1.4X TC WR Teleconverter Review Dubai, UAE. Michael R. Cruz Dubai Photographer

When I first heard about the Fujifilm 1.4x teleconverter, I had questions about the compatibility and I wondered why it could not be used with any other Fuji lens. I was even hoping I could use this teleconverter with my 56mm f1.2 and make it a 120mm full frame equivalent. Or, better yet, can I use it with the 55-200 lens?  Well, all those questions have been answered as soon as Fujifilm Middle East handed me the XF 1.4X TC WR Teleconverter.

Technical Specifications

Lens construction 7 elements 3 groups
Focal length 1.4x that of original lens
Max. aperture 1 additional stop
Min. aperture 1 additional stop
Focus range Approx. same as that of original lens
Max. magnification 1.4x that of original lens
External dimensions: Diameter x Length

(distance from camera lens mount flange)

Approx. Φ58mm x 15mm

(excluding lens caps )


Suggested Retail Price:US$449
Availability: End of November


Size and some side-by-side comparison

The actual teleconverter is really small, however it is not by any means light. It feels like an actual lens, it reminds me of the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 MFT lens in terms of weight and heft.


There is a protruding front element that makes this teleconverter not compatible with other Fujifilm lenses, in fact it is only compatible with XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR,  as of October 21, 2015.


Here is to give you a better idea on the size; comparing it to the 35mm f1.4 lens

Fujinon XF 1.4X TC WR Teleconverter Review Dubai UAE, Michael R. Cruz Dubai Photographer

Here’s a top view

Fujinon XF 1.4X TC WR Teleconverter Review Dubai UAE, Michael R. Cruz Dubai Photographer


In terms of image sharpness, I don’t really see so much of a difference. To be honest, I am not a telephoto guy, I don’t use it as much, that being said, I can see the usefulness of this teleconverter.  It gives you an instant additional reach for such a compact package. However, it will cost you a stop of light, so the XF 50 – 140 f2.8 will be effectively f4, which is in my opinion very acceptable and very common to teleconverters.

I did notice that there is an effect on the AF speed on low light. Although this could also be because the camera body is not updated with the firmware that recognizes the new teleconverter. So, don’t take it as a fact yet. It needs to be verified when the new firmware comes. For the testing, I used the X-T1 Graphite Silver with the latest firmware as of today (October 21, 2015).

Here are some of the images:

*NOTE:  All the images below are un-edited JPEGs

I used the film simulation Astia and shot wide open with the XF 50-140 f2.8, which is effectively f4.0 when using this teleconverter.

DSCF0375 as Smart Object-1 copy

DSCF0401 as Smart Object-1 copy

DSCF0453 as Smart Object-1 copy

DSCF0503 as Smart Object-1 copy


My final thoughts

As I mentioned, a teleconverter is an essential tool and Fujifilm releasing one is really good news for all the folks who would need it. At the moment, it is only compatible wth the XF50-140mm but it will be compatible with the upcoming 120mm macro lens and the super telephoto 100-400mm. In terms of build quality, there’s no question about it, it’s top-class.

I think, Fuji is going in the right direction with the release of the XF 1.4X Teleconverter; slowly but surely Fuji is completing its lens line up. I think, having this teleconverter together with the current line-up of Fujinon lenses makes the Fuji X-series more and more attractive to photography enthusiasts and pros alike.

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