Fujifilm X100S | Dubai, UAE.

Fuji X100S, Dubai, UAE.

There you go… X100s chillin’ in my bag 🙂

I am currently reviewing the new Fujifilm X100s.  I really love Fuji cameras and always a fan of its JPEG files.  Also, the design is just simply drop dead gorgeous.  While others doesn’t mind the looks of a camera, well… I do!

If you haven’t read my Fuji X100 review, here it is:  http://bit.ly/ZuwW0i

And for the XPro1, here you go:
Part 1 : http://bit.ly/Y58fdS
Part 2: http://bit.ly/YTGPGU

I will be creating a FULL REVIEW in the coming weeks; but here are my initial impressions:

1) Build quality is pretty much the same like the X100, which is superb and classy.
2) The dials are more firm; i.e. the exposure compensation is now much better and prevents you from turning it by accident
3) The focusing is fast!  Oh yeah! Finally! It is not OM-D fast, but, it’s almost 90%.  That’s quite a speed jump.
4) I wish the macro automatically turns on when you shoot up close to the subject, but its a much better implementation than the previous model.
5) Manual focus is 100 times better!
6) The famous Fuji colors are just lovely as always…

Full review coming soon!  and I’ll do a comparison as well… X100s vs OM-D, stay tuned.


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5 Responses

  1. Hi

    Is the camera in stores here in dubai now ?
    I am looking at purchasing one next week, where is the best place to get it?
    I know Grand Stores have them, But anything like Micro? Or Advnaced Media where you can get disscounts and haggel a little?


    • Hi Keaton,

      Unfortunately, only Grand Stores are selling the fuji’s here. Although you can find them cheaper in some parts of Asia like Singapore or Hong Kong. For us here in the UAE, there’s only Grand stores at the moment…


  2. I want one 🙂

    Was saving up for a X100, and so glad that the X100s is now out!

    Where would you reckon I should get one in Abu Dhabi/Dubai? Or should I simply get one from the US – I think BH has it up for about 1300 USD?

    Cheers 😉

    • It is a great camera! Grand Stores is the official Fuji reseller here in the UAE. I suggest getting it from Grand Stores since you will have to pay for custom tax and shipping fees if purchased online.

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