Fujifilm X-T10 : First Impressions| Dubai, UAE

Michael R. Cruz - Dubai Photographer

Folks at Fujifilm Middle East here in Dubai, UAE, provided me some pre-production units of their latest camera and lens, namely the X-T10 and the 90mm f2.0.

I only had a couple of days with them so I didn’t have enough time to test them, but here are my first impressions.

Let’s start with the Fujifilm X-T10;  The camera really looks like a baby X-T1, it is solidly built and pretty much looks like a smaller X-T1 except for that pop-up flash and fewer and smaller dials.  The X-T10 doesn’t have a separate SD-Card compartment like the X-T1.

The pop-up flash is cleverly located, at first glance there’s no trace of the any pop-up flash, a quick slide of the lever and there goes the flash.



Size Comparisons 

Note* Please note that my X-T1 is connected to an L Bracket
Note** Shot using the new Fujinon 90mm f2.0 lens

X-T1 vs X-T10
_DSF6899 as Smart Object-1
X-E2 vs X-T10
DSCF6895 as Smart Object-1
X-100S vs X-T10
DSCF6891 as Smart Object-1
OM-D E-M5 vs X-T10
DSCF6890 as Smart Object-1
X-Pro1 vs X-T10
DSCF6897 as Smart Object-1
X-M1 vs X-T10
_DSF6934 as Smart Object-1

The closest size for the X-T10 is probably the OM-D E-M5.  The OM-D is just slightly taller but their dimensions are pretty close, I didn’t bother measuring them but looking at them side by side, they have the same size.


In the hand, it is not as comfy as the X-T10 but surprisingly very close!  The small grip is quite plenty, I consider my hands average “man hands”.  I find it better than the OM-D E-M5 or the X-M1 which is a bit small.  I am looking at this in the perspective of shooting with the camera for a long period of time.  If you are just pointing and shooting, this might not matter much.  However if you will be shooting for more than 30 minutes continuously or several hours, this kind of stuff matters quite a lot!


Focusing is quick, but I won’t dwell too much on the performance since this is a pre-production unit but even at this stage, I am surprised how the new AF system works.  It really reminds me of the focusing system of my Canon 5D Mark III.  The focusing is very DSLR-like!  And that is a good thing.  I haven’t tried so much about tracking since I didn’t have enough time to test it, but new features like Eye Detection works quite well, even if the person is wearing prescription glasses.  You can set which eye you wanted to get in focus, left or right or use Auto to let the camera use the closest eye to the camera.  I had this feature in my OM-D since day one, but it’s nice to have it on my Fuji’s as well.





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