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Jeep Wrangler Dubai, UAE, Automotive Photographer Michael R. Cruz

My Jeep Wrangler in Dubai, UAE

Feb 16, 2015, I sold my 2013 BMW X5 x35i and got this… A Jeep?!? Let me backtrack, before I purchased the X5, I was driving a 2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser for 4 years.  I loved the FJ Cruiser, its a no-nonsense car that can go anywhere and I loved it; helped a lot with a lot of photography projects and shoots.  Since it doesn’t have a lot of “luxury” features, I guess, you always crave the thing you don’t […]

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My Rental Car in Iceland

This is my rental car in Iceland, looking great isn’t she?!  Well, this is not actually the car I booked online but when I arrived, the rental company (Cars Iceland) told me they upgraded my car from a 2014 Toyota RAV4 Diesel (the car I booked)  to a brand new 2015 Mercedes GLK 220 CDI 4-Matic Diesel.  At first I was like, “Really? Why? Any additional Charge?”, they said no, same cost, same everything, it also comes with a free […]

FREE Car Photography Workshop! Sept. 27!

If you are in Dubai or in UAE, you can join me in a FREE workshop sponsored by Fujifilm Middle East and Fullframe Photography Magazine.  There are 4 workshop covering, portraiture, fashion editorial, car photography and product photography.   I myself will be doing car photography. I’ll be showing the participants : 1) How to properly light a car , showing different lighting techniques.  Lighting positions, light power, direction, etc. a) Using multiple lights (studio strobes) b) Using a single […]

365 Project : Day 328

Canon 7D + 16-35 f2.8 II f5.0 | 1/100 | ISO 100   Strobist info: 580 EXII pointed at the right bumper and wheels @ full power 430 EXII ponted at the left bumper @ full power YN 460II pointed on the side of the car @ full power (optical slave mode) YN 460II placed inside the car @ 1/2 power (optical slave mode)   Trigger: YN RF603C   This is a client shoot for Mr. Tariq Alateeq here in […]

Fujifilm X100S | Dubai, UAE.

There you go… X100s chillin’ in my bag 🙂 I am currently reviewing the new Fujifilm X100s.  I really love Fuji cameras and always a fan of its JPEG files.  Also, the design is just simply drop dead gorgeous.  While others doesn’t mind the looks of a camera, well… I do! If you haven’t read my Fuji X100 review, here it is:  http://bit.ly/ZuwW0i And for the XPro1, here you go: Part 1 : http://bit.ly/Y58fdS Part 2: http://bit.ly/YTGPGU I will be […]

365 Project : Day 327

Canon 7D + 8-16mm f8.0 | 30 secs. | ISO 200 This was taken at Dubai Marina

365 Project : Day 326

Canon 7D + 8-16mm f6.4 | 1/200 | ISO 100 (5 exp. DRI)

365 Project : Day 324

Canon 7D + 8-16mm f9.0 | 8 secs. | ISO 160 (4 exposures DRI) This is Dubai Marina Yacht Club, located in the heart of Dubai Marina.

365 Project : Day 324

Canon 7D + 8-16mm f9.0 | 8 secs. | ISO 160 (4 exposures DRI) This is Dubai Marina Yacht Club, located in the heart of Dubai Marina.

365 Project : Day 323

Canon 7D + EF 70-200 f2.8L IS II f5.0 | 1/200 | ISO 100 Strobist info: 2 x Elinchrom 400w + 14×63″ Strip lights with grid on camera left and right @ 2.0 power 1 x Speedlight + 22″ Beauty Dish + Grid in top front @ 1/1 power Trigger: EL Skyport