Category : Long Exposure

365 Project : Day 242

The tallest building on Earth… Burj Khalifa in classic black and white tones 🙂 Settings: f8.0 | 30 secs. | ISO 100 Post process: 2 exposures blended together (DRI) Converted to B/W using BW adjustment layer in PS Dodging and burning Curves adjustments Cheers! /Mike

365 Project : Day 240

This is one of my favorite shots among all the photos I took recently.  Timing is really a big key when taking photos like this.  You cannot really predict when is the best time to take a picture, you just go there and pray for the best.  This was shot at dawn, just before the sun rises. It’s really challenging to take a picture of the Burj Khalifa, simply because it’s very tall.  I mean, it’s not the tallest building […]

365 Project : Day 238

Taken from Al Aqah Fujairah. This was my first shot just before the sunrise. I like the cold and relax feel of it. Makes me want to go back in there. If it was not 2 hours away, I would like to visit this place more frequently. Gear: Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 f2.8 Settings: f13 | 2 sec. | ISO 100 Post process: 2 exposure blending (DRI) Curves adjustments Dodging and burning Vibrance and Saturation adjustments Cheers! Mike

365 Project : Day 237

Another one from Fujairah. The sun was already fully up a this point. I used my ND1000x BW ND filter to get the smoke effect on the water. I haven’t used this filter as much as I would want to because, I haven’t done a lot of seascapes here in Dubai. Another use for this filter would be for the clouds movement, to get them into a blur, which is not very applicable here in Dubai since clouds here are […]

365 Project : Day 236

A very rare case that I woke up early for a shoot 🙂 My photo buddy Eugene invited me to shoot in Fujairah, which is a 2-hour drive from Dubai. I have to wake up at 3:30am which is usually the time I go to sleep… Anyway, this is one of few times I can use my BW ND1000 and it’s really nice to spend time with nature. Gear: Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 f2.8 + BW ND1000 (ND110) Settings: […]

365 Project : Day 234

Another angle from the Villa we stayed in during the new year.  Really an amazing place.  I hope one day, we can visit the place again 🙂 Gear: Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 f2.8 Settings: f9.0 | 13 secs. | ISO 100 Post process: 3 exposures DRI Curves adjustments Hue and saturation adjustments Dodging and burning Cheers!

365 Project : Day 233

This is where we celebrated the new year of 2011 🙂 A couple of days and it was one of the best place I’ve been in. The view is just fantastic, the villa was just amazing and not to mention the infinity pool. I did a lot of architectural and interior shots of the place which I’m going to be posting soon. Gear: Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 f2.8 Settings: f8.0 | 30secs. | ISO 200 Post process: 3 exposures […]

365 Project : Day 220

This particular scene interested me a lot; I was shooting portraits and I saw how these walls are torn down and how many layers of wall can bee seen through it. It’s a little difficult to put the model here but it makes a good landscape subject, so I clicked! Gear: Canon 7D + Tokina 11-16 f2.8 Settings: f8.0 | 1/100 | ISO 100 Post process: 3 exposures blended manually using DRI Multiple curves adjustments to enhance the tones Dodging […]

365 Project : Day 201

This was taken at Dubai Silicon Oasis; This is the building where my brother works. We came there to have a nice night swim 🙂 Gear: Canon 7D + Sigma 10mm f2.8 fisheye Settings: f8.0 | 90 secs. | ISO 100 Post process: Single 90 second exposure Processed in Adobe Camera Raw Dodge and burn Cheers! /Mike

365 Project : Day 185

This kind of light happens right after the sunset; the sky will have blue and orange mixed and it creates this wonderful color of light.  The sky last like this for only 5 minutes and after that, its gone. Gear: Canon 450D + Sigma 10-20mm Settings: f8.0 | 10 secs | ISO 100 Post processing: Combined 3 exposures using DRI Dodging and burning Curves adjustment for dynamic range Color balance adjustments for the road and railings to correct white balance […]