FREE Car Photography Workshop! Sept. 27!

If you are in Dubai or in UAE, you can join me in a FREE workshop sponsored by Fujifilm Middle East and Fullframe Photography Magazine.  There are 4 workshop covering, portraiture, fashion editorial, car photography and product photography.   I myself will be doing car photography.

I’ll be showing the participants :

1) How to properly light a car , showing different lighting techniques.  Lighting positions, light power, direction, etc.

a) Using multiple lights (studio strobes)
b) Using a single Flash (one light)
c) Using LED lights

2)  I will also provide some simple and advance post processing techniques on improving your car photography.  I will be using Photoshop CS5.

a) Enhancing details
b) Simple dodge and burn techniques
c) Achieving that 3D look on your images

3)  I’ll be showing different Fujifilm X-Series cameras

a) Tips on using Fujifilm X-Series cameras
b) My settings for X-Series cameras

Don’t miss this free opportunity. You can register here:


If you have any question about my Car Photography FREE workshop, you can send me a message here:

Dates and Venue:

September 13 Portrait by Donnell Gumiran
September 14 Fashion Editorial by Chris Calumberan

September 27 Car Photography by Michael Cruz 

September 28 Product Photography by Mosh Lafuente



September 27 – Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai.



Laptop, Fujifilm X-SERIES camera
And if you don’t have Fujifilm camera we will provide one for you.
Don’t forget to bring your own SD cards.

Only 1 workshop is allowed per person so choose which amongst the four workshop will you attend…..




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