Canon EOS 5D Mark III (Dubai, UAE.)

Finally, the camera I have been waiting for is OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED!  I have been dying to upgrade to a full frame camera for almost a year now.  I was holding on to my 7D since I found that 5D Mark II’s auto focus to be a let down.   It was announced to be shipping end of this month (first week of April 2012), so I am expecting around mid April for it to be available in Dubai, UAE.  I will definitely get one!!! I know, the price is not what I wished for, but the heck with it 🙂  I think, it’s worth it!

Things that I’m looking forward to:

1) 61-point high-density reticular AF (up to 41 crosstype
points).  The main complain with the 5D mark II was the AF system which is an 8 years old technology.  Now, Canon put up an AF system similar with the EOS powerhouse 1Dx.

2) Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 2, 3, 5 or 7 Shots +/-3 EV 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments. I haven’t seen this in any of the video yet, but I have been wanting to have a 7 shot AEB option for my 7D.  I can do 9 exposures in my 7D using the custom buttons but, you have to turn the dial and press the shutter 3 times, that’s 6 steps!  If the camera can do 7 AEB shots, then that makes it very convenient for my DRI work.

3) High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mode; The fact that you can combined the exposures in Camera and still have the option to save the raw riles is a great addition.  I can see this might be helpful for HDR panoramas.    I hope I can do my DRI technique together with this new feature!

4) Dual card slots (CF & SD).  I always wanted to get an Eye-Fi!  Wireless Tethering!

5) High ISO performance (which is supposed to be 2 stops better than the Mark II).  This is my only gripe with my 7D;

And the list goes on.  I hope it arrives in Dubai (or UAE for that matter) sooner than expected.  I have acquired the Canon Trinity Zoom  “L” lenses (16-35,24-70,70-200 II IS) only  the 5D Mark III 🙂  Finally its here.

If you are like me getting excited about this new camera, this will slow down you anxiety:

5D Mark II Brochure, Spec Sheet, and Technology.

Here is a good video to watch every 5 minutes or so 🙂

As soon as I lay my hands on the 5D mark III, I’ll post my initial findings here 🙂

If Canon Middle East can read this or anyone with a sample 5D Mark III unit out there, I will be more than happy to test  the new 5D Mark III on the field and make a full review of this camera!



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  1. Hi Michael, thats a great motivating post! I think I’ll also go for the 5D Mark III soon. Do you know how’s the best way to get it in Dubai? I was thinking about ordering it from the US but then you’ve got to pay a lot for the duty as well!

    • It is very tempting to order from the US but the shipping cost and the tax might be too much, since the camera is already expensive itself. Canon ME mentioned it should come out a week after the US so it should be around 1st week of April.

  2. Hi Micheal,

    I would be moving from States to UAE in a months time . Have been debating whether to get my 5d mark iii from Dubai or States. What is holding me back is the USA warranty since I dont want to be out of caught in a situation when there is something wrong with the product and I need to reclaim the warranty or get it fixed out of pocket.
    Do you know if the camera is available for purchase in Dubai? and what would be reliable places to buy it from. I also plan on buyin a few L lenses and speedlites. Would appreciate any insight that you might be able to provide since i am not aware of Dubai market.


    • I apologize for the very late reply.

      I guess you can get it here in Dubai. The price difference is not much; having to know that the warranty is supported locally gives you a peace of mind.. which is priceless 🙂

      I usually purchase my gear at Al Falak in Deira City Center. Some stores I purchased from is Micro Digital and Kansas. They give better prices than the official Canon store (National Store) and provides the same level of warranty.

      Hope that helps.


  3. Hi Mike,

    Any updates, Is the model launched. Have u got one. How`s the slow motion performance. I am eager to know its performance.

    And What `s your feel on the AF system.

    What`s the major difference from its predecessor? Mark 11

    I am planning to get the same soon.


    • Sorry for the very late reply. I already purchased my 5D Mark III for around 2 months now. I haven’t use the Mark II that much since I use mostly my 7D. But with my brief experience with Mark II, I can see that the Mark III auto focus is 5X faster. The colors are also much better. I also love the ability to shoot 7 shots during Auto Exposure Bracketing mode.


  4. hi. mike am planning to come to dubai. i want to buy the mark 111 and the audio kits . because of the cost am also thinking i should go for fairly used. please what is your take on this. Many thanks

  5. I want to buy the new mark 4! Which shop is the best to make this purchase? Could you help me ? Can we speak on my whatsup +0040743027297?

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