365 Project : Day 34

Today was the toughest day so far… just nothing coming out.  No ideas, no nothing.    It’s 1 hour left before day 35 starts… Then this idea kicked in.  Saved by the bell 🙂

This is my Tokina 11-16 f2.8 lens, so far this is what I carry everyday with my 7D (and my 50mm f1.8mm).   This is the first time I introduced a new element on my photo… smoke 🙂  And no, this is not cigarette smoke, simply because I don’t smoke.  This is actually a water steam 🙂

Gears: Canon 7D + 50mm f1.8 ii
Settings: f6.3 | 1/200 | ISO 200

Strobist info:
430exii + umbrella on top left @ 1/16 power
580exii + green gel on the right @ 1/64 power
Trigger: Canon 7D built in transmitter

Post process:

  • Adjusted brightness and contrast
  • Added a light vignette

Tomorrow is weekend here 🙂 yey!


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5 Responses

    • Marvin, hehehe, yep the toki is not sealed, but this steam is very light… could not harm it 😀

      Thanks for the concern on my Tokie 😀


  1. I think you’re an amazing photographer!!! I thought I am getting better as a photographer but when I saw your shots I realized I’ve got lots things to learn! 🙂
    Let’s shoot together some time! I also live and work in Dubai.

    • Thanks Alex, I really appreciate that.

      Yep, let’s shoot some time before Dubai weather reaches “boiling” temps again!


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