365 Project Day 302

Gear: Canon 7D + 24-70 f2.8 L
Settings: f2.8 | 1/400 | ISO 100

Lighting: AmbientĀ  light

Post processing:

  • Dodging and burning
  • Vibrance and Saturation
  • Channel Mixer adjustments
  • Blending modes applied



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2 Responses

  1. Beautiful imagery Michael. As always I enjoy your photography.
    By the way any thoughts on releasing any DVD or online education regarding the the creation of your fine imagery from composition, lighting, camera settings to post processing .I’ll be first in line to purchase. I really like the clean bright saturated look of your style. Keep up the good work. By the way the reason I ask is because I am new to the art of photography and want to learn from the best.

    Have a good and blessed day,

    Jeffery Chavez

    • Thank you very much Jeffrey! I do offer some 1-on-1 workshop via webinar for people outside the UAE. Currently I am thinking of creating a member’s only page where I ca upload tips on photography and even mini-psd files so people can learn from my photoshop files. I’ll include photography techniques as well.

      I’ll post it on my page once its finalized.

      Take care!


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