365 Project : Day 292

I really had no plans on using my Fuji X100 for this shoot; I just wanted to try if it will work in a photo shoot like this with off camera lighting.  I used a Yongnuo RF-603C together with 2 x 580exII speedlites 🙂   Surprisingly, the x100 handled it quite well, in fact the skin tone is slightly better than my Canon 7D + 24-70mm f2.8 L 🙂  I just wish the write speed (with raw enabled) is faster on X100, other than that, its a great cam, I have it with me everyday.

Gear: Fujifilm X100
Settings: f8.0 | 1/75 | ISO 800

Strobist info:
580EXII + 1/4 CTO + 24″ softbox @ 1/2 power camera top right
580EXII @ 1/16 power behind the model
Trigger: Yongnuo RF-603C



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