365 Project : Day 291

A Narrative Photography Project

Strobist info:
580 EXII + 24″ Sofbox @ 1/2 power (Main Light), camera right
580 EXII + stofen @ 1/16 power (Fill Light for the Desk), camera right
480 EXII + Lumiquest Mini Softbox @ 1/8 (Accent Light), camera left
SB600 bare flash @ 1/8 power (Fill Light for model on the right), camera left
SB600 bare flash @ 1/4 power (Accent light for male model at the back), camera left
Trigger: Yongnuo RF-603C

Gear: Canon 7D + EF 24-70 f2.8L
Settings: f8.0 | 1/60 | ISO 640

Lighting diagram can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/mcruz101

Dodge and Burn
Curves Adjusments
Color Balance Adjustments



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