365 Project : Day 275

Another shot of Ms. Lili Green.  Trying out my first canon L lens.  Well, it is really worth the price, however it is darn heavy!  Trying some new post processing workflow, need to experiment to get some new look 🙂 … My Windows Photoshop CS5 is acting crazy again 🙁  I guess I’ll have to use my Macbook pro on the next one…

Gear: Canon 7D + Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L
Settings: f4.5 | 1/200 | ISO 200
Another shot of Ms. Lili Green.

580 exii + Lumiquest softbox III on camera left @ 1/8 power
430 exii + Lumiquest softbox III on camera right @ 1/8 power
Trigger: Canon 7D built in trigger

Post process:

  • Cleanup/retouch in ACR and Photoshop CS5
  • 3 exp. HDR for the background
  • Curves adjustments
  • Dodge and burn



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