365 Project : Day 102

Haven’t been doing water shots lately…  I wanted an up-close and personal shot of the water this time;  I also wanted to get the angle where the water is actually flowing.  Shot this inside the bathtub 🙂   I don’t think I can use my 7D on this shot so I opted for my LX3.

Gear: Lumix LX3 + 580exii
Settings: f2.8 | 1/200 | ISO 80

Strobist info:
580exii + Lumiquest softbox III @ 1/64 power, placed on top right
Trigger:  Phottix PT04 II

Post process:

  • Adjusted curves settings to get the white balance correct
  • Adjusted clarity and contrast
  • Cropped the image
  • Adjusted vibrance and saturation

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