365 Project : Day 076

This is going to be quick, since I am posting this from Second Cup coffee shop here in Bur Dubai.  I just got this shot a few minutes ago from Heritage Village.  It looks liked an old unfinished boat or could also probably be a wrecked boat, I am not sure.

Just a quick shot as well, since I don’t want to get too much attention from the people around the place, since I am using a tripod. Anyway, here’s the shot.

Gear:  Canon 7D + Sigma 10mm f2.8
Settings: f4.0 | 4secs. | ISO 200 (single exposure)

Post process: (Quick edit from the coffee shop:) )

  • Dodged and burned
  • Removed some yellow casts from the lights
  • Applied some sharpening

Take care everyone!


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