365 Project : Day 070

Today, there’s a boat show in Dubai; according to their website, this is the biggest boat show in the Middle East.  I didn’t really went inside the boat show event, because I don’t want to pay, plain and simple.  🙂  Anyway, there was a free Dubai Water Taxi that takes you from the parking lot to the Marina side where the boat show is being hosted.  That boat ride was free!  That’s the best thing!  This was taken near the actual boat show, you can see the lights from the left side.

Gear: Canon 7D + Sigma 10mm f2.8
Settings: f5.0 | 1/15 | ISO 320

Post processing:

  • This image came from 3 exposures, which I blended manually in Photoshop;  It is a technique called DRI (Dynamic Range Increase)
  • Adjusted contrast and saturation
  • Applied some mild noise reduction and a touch of sharpening

I can’t believe it’s weekend again!


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