365 Project : Day 069

Wanted to do something that involves pairing (since it’s day 69) and  I had this idea of the water spray and the flower.  I didn’t get the effect I originally wanted but, I guess this is fine for now.  There’s always a next time 🙂

Gear: Canon 7D + Sigma 24-70 f2.8 HSM
Settings: f8.0 | 1/250 | ISO 100

430exii zoomed at 105mm @ 1/64 power on camera left
530exii + Lumiquest Softbox III @ 1/16 power on camera right
Trigger: Canon 7D’s built in trigger

Post processing:

  • Combined 2 pictures,  one with the spray standing still and one with me pressing it
  • Masked out my hand (to hide it)
  • Adjusted levels



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