365 Project : Day 059

This is a video card inside an oven that looks like having a techno party?!? Confused? Yeah, me too!  That is what 3 1/2 hours of traffic can do to you.

Tonight’s traffic was one of the worst traffic for me in a long time…  It rained heavily and as usual, the streets are flooded… That I assume was the cause of traffic, but, on my 3 1/2 hour drive home, I didn’t see any flood ?!? Still confused? Same here.

Anyway, this technique is often times called “dragging the shutter”.  I needed more ambient light to penetrate inside the oven so it can be properly exposed, thus requiring a longer shutter speed.

I need to get some sleep now 🙂

Gear:  Canon 7D + Sigma 10mm f2.8 fisheye
Settings: f10 | 3.2 seconds | ISO 200

Strobist info:
580exii + blue gel zoomed at 105mm @ 1/16 power
430exii + LumiQuest FXtra w/ red gel zoomed at 105mm @ 1/16 power
Trigger:  Canon 7D’s built in trigger

Post processing:

  • Increased dark areas by using levels
  • Applied sharpening
  • Little bit of dodging and burning



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