365 Project : Day 054

I got a new addition to my family of lenses.  Sigma 10mm f2.8 Fisheye lens 🙂

I missed shooting architectural subjects and I confess, I miss HDR.  I haven’t done HDR for almost 2 months now.  I just wanted to check if I still have the skills to create one.  Alright, back to regular programming, this is one of the malls here in Dubai, named Dubai Festival City.  Almost all the malls here are now on promotions because of Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).  As I was on the way to the food court, I saw this monster truck hanging on the ceiling and I just can’t resist to take a shot, besides the fact that before I saw it, I am almost too drowsy (because of hunger) to walk…  Somehow my hallucination of chicken barbecues on my head disappeared as I fire away 🙂  Well, after 10 shots, it came back… So I got myself some sandwich from Charley’s.  End of the story 🙂

Gear: Canon 7D + Sigma 10mm f2.8 Fisheye
Settings: f4.5 | 1/4 sec | ISO 500 (bracketed +/-2)

Post processing:

  • Opened 3 images and merged to HDR in Photoshop CS4
  • Opened in Photomatix and did some tweaking
  • Dodging and burning
  • Applied some selective sharpening

Here is another shot I took:

From Mall of the Emirates



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