365 Project : Day 052

Well, let me get this straight, this ring is not mine 🙂

This ring is from a friend… He called from the Philippines tonight and made a “request” for my 365 to feature his ring.  Well, there you go! All I can say is that, the ring looks pretty good!  Looks very expensive indeed 🙂  Congrats!

Gear: Canon 7D + EF 100mm f2.8 + 580exii
Settings : f6.3 | 1/250 | ISO 100

Strobist info:
580exii + LumiQuest Softbox III @ 1/64 power on camera top left
Trigger: Canon 7D’s built in trigger

Post process:

  • Added a little of fill light from ACR
  • Applied some fractals on the darker side of the flower to get that glowing effect



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5 Responses

    • Thanks, that’s exactly the message I want to impart…. A bright and cheerful future (for the owners of the ring) 🙂

      Thanks Abby for dropping by!


  1. So I was look at Fractals and was seeing all the normal over process Fractals and tryign to see whether I should look into this and came across your photo (day 52). PERFECT – not over used – just enough to look and examine closer. Well done. I love people that stay JUST inside the realism box!

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