365 Project : Day 033

This is my brother’s guitar 🙂  I always wanted to shoot this but I just can’t visualize it, a few minutes ago, the vision came… and it looks a lot like that 🙂

I received a lot of encouraging messages from my flickr acount and here on my blog; I really really appreciate those who dropped by and sent me a message to give out their support, that means a lot to me, I just wanted to thank you all!  Everyday I feel like I have to come up with something new, something that is worth trying and worth sharing.  Ideas don’t come easy most of the time, and sometimes your vision doesn’t represent the outcome of your work…  But with a little push and with an ounce of help from people close to me and those who I haven’t even met and send me encouragement… that feeds my imagination and fuels my passion for this thing called photography.

Again, to those who sent me encouraging messages and those who are following my 365, from my heart… THANKS!

Gear: Canon 7D + Tamron 18-270mm VC + 580exii + 430exii
Settings: f8 | 1/250 | ISO 100

Strobist info:
430exii + red gel at the back of the guitar @ 1/32 power
580exii + A3 paper that I made as a snoot @ 1/64 power
Trigger: Canon 7D built in transmitter

Post processing:

  • Adjusted brightness and contrast
  • Added a texture on the background

Have a good day ahead!


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