365 Project : Day 032

Today was one of those days again… crunch time 🙂  Scratching my head ’till 10pm until this idea came up, wanted to give credit to my assistant for chirping a few ideas here and there and for holding the water source (the shower) for me.  Indeed a great help.  Would have been difficult to do this on my own.

I have something different on my head but this came out pretty interesting so I guess I’m going with it 😀

Gears: Canon 7D + 50mm f1.8
Settings: f5 | 1/200 | ISO 200

Post processing:

  • Adjusted levels
  • Adjusted hue and saturation
  • Added vignette manually using brush

Strobist info:
580exII + lumiquest mini softbox III on the [email protected] 1/16 power
Trigger: 7D built in transmitter

How I took it? Simple, I took the flowers to the bathroom, put a background in this case a green towel, put a strobe, turn the shower on and fired away! (Again thanks to my dependable assitant!)

Take care!


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  1. Excellent. I can’t express how impressed I am with your creativity! Such a wonderful shot and I wish I had taken this. Also wish that I would know how too… 🙂

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