365 Project : Day 022

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I confess, this was a last minute shot.  It’s weekend here and this idea just came out of no where.   So, I got my speedlite 580exii and attached the Lumiquest softbox III, slid the wireless phottix transceiver on to the flash and popped my trusty lumix LX3 together with the phottix transmitter.  Went straight to the sink and with an improvised background and there you go! Day 22!

Here’s the rest of the technical yada yada..

Gear: Lumix LX3 + 580exii + Lumiquest mini softbox III + phottix wireless triggers

Settings: F2.7 | 1/1000 | Dynamic film mode

Strobist info:
580exII + Lumiquest mini softbox III @ 1/128th power on camera right
Trigger: Phottix PT04 II

Post Processing:

  • Cropped, adjusted the vibrance and clarity from ACR

For those who are interested with my setup click here.

PS. Lumix LX3’s flash sync speed is 1/2000 🙂 nice!



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2 Responses

  1. for a last minute thought, i would say that it went great.. I guess the only hard part was controlling the amount of drops that was needed to come out of the tap. but great timing IMO. I would suggest you crop the metal part where your reflection is seen, and leaving the serial number of the filter tap along with that droplet. the whole idea is to control the perceptions of the viewer. avoid such parts that leads the eyes away from the whole concept of your shot. If you were to ask me, I just reduce the left & top a bit to give that shot its final punch. but anyways, it’s just an opinion. keep it up, you’re shots are great.

    • Thanks Chris,

      I actually put my image there intentionally for my 365 😀 And, I wanted the yellow – pinkish red – yellow pattern to be there that is why I left it as it is.

      Thanks for the suggestion though!


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