365 Project : Day 012

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This is me while having lunch… Sitting on a bench in front of the lake.  Today I had a subway veggie delight 🙂  Weather is really good lately in Dubai.   Very relaxing and calming…

Anyway, decided to put the LX3 on the ground and take a shot; this is probably an ant’s perspective… or any insect on the ground for that matter 😀

How I took it?  Here you go:

Gear: Lumix LX3

Settings: f4.0 | 1/640 | Dynamic Scene Mode

Post processing:

  • Adjusted levels and contrast on Photoshop CS4
  • Applied some minor noise reduction

Thanks for following my 365 🙂


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  1. Yes, sometimes it’s really tough, esp. when work in the office is quite demanding, but so far, its been great. I keep learning new things, which is the point of this project 🙂

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