365 Project : Day 004

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You need patience and lots and lots of it.   Add a dependable macro lens, a ring flash adapter, a flash gun and most importantly a very cooperative insect model! wheew! that’s the recipe of a successful 1:1 macro shot (at least that’s from my experience).  To be honest, this is my first 1:1 macro shot, because I have all the above ingredients for some time, except for the cooperative model, but today… it came!  Just when I needed it the most.  That’s got to be day 4!

How I took it:

Gear: Canon 7D + Canon EF 100mm 2.8 Macro lens + Saturn Ring Flash Adapter | 430 EXII Speedlite
Settings: f10 | 1/250 | ISO 400 | Flash set to full power (1:1)

This fly was hanging on a thread near my window, it is around 5pm already and it is not really bright.  I have to use my flash to get a good light so I can get my shutter speed high.  I use the auto-focus on this shot, my focus being on the head of the fly.

Post processing:

  • I didn’t do a lot on this image, I just increased contrast a little bit and dodged the background to give me a “high key” look

There you have it,  I’ll see you on day 5!  Thanks for dropping by!


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    • in Macro terminology, 1:1 means that this is the same size ratio of your camera’s sensor… it’s technical to explain… in simple terms it’s “life size” in terms of your camera’s sensor.. however since I’m using an aps-c camera, that means you have to multiply it to 1.6X 🙂

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