365 Project : Day 001

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I have to do a 365 🙂

There are plentiful of reasons why I wanted to do a 365 Project.  To those who are not familiar with 365, it means that I have to take a picture (and post one) everyday for the whole year, so that would be 365 pictures before 2011 kicks in.

Let me go back to why I wanted to do a 365 project; here are my main reasons:

1) Ignite more creativity
2) Challenge myself
3) Not only to become a better photographer but also to become a better visionary if you will.  In other words, I want to see beyond the pictures that I am taking and express it how I see it.

Now let’s talk about the picture 🙂

During New Year’s eve, I don’t really want to lug around and party carrying my 7D and bunch of lenses…  So I carry with me the next best thing 🙂  (at least to me!)  my Lumix LX3!

How I took it:

Gear: Lumix LX3
Settings: f2.0 | 6 seconds | ISO 80 | Dynamic Film Mode | I hold it against a railing , surprisingly it took me only 2 attempts to get a good shot, despite of a lot of people shouting and dancing 😀

Post Processing:

  • This is a single exposure in JPG and processed in ACR (nothing really much since the Dyamic film mode of LX3 is pretty good)
  • Very minor cleanup with Photoshop CS4 (levels)

Here is another shot of mine taken with LX3 :

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I really like this shot as well, pretty much the same settings like the first one, but I decided to go for the other one, since it to me it looks more “balanced”

Thanks for viewing and wishing you all a prosperous New Year!

See you on day 2 🙂


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10 Responses

  1. Excellent initiative… I wish I could be as brave! Looking forward to your work.

    Will start a pic(k) of the week shortly on my site.

    Happy 2010,

    • Thanks Bjorn!

      Hopefully I can finish this project 🙂 Happy New Year to you! and more power to your site!


    • Ah.. good observation. This particular pic has been captured using my point & shoot camera lx3 during new year’s eve party 😀

  2. Michael. i must said it is a nice site to bump into. Great photography.

    I got a question of Project365 as you have mention.

    ” take a picture (and post one) everyday for the whole year”

    I mean there gotta be days which you won’t be able to take a single shot or two.
    do you actually mean by taking the photos which you taken of say few days ago to edit& post?


    • Hi Arthur, Well, to be honest, I was doing the 365 project for years now. The first 4 months I was shooting and posting everyday. But things gets busy sometimes. It is really tough to finish 365 in one year, but I’m trying to just finish the 365 pictures regardless of which year or day I took it. The objective of the project doesn’t change anyway.. shoot pictures 🙂


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